$23m lottery jackpot feature stated just in time


$23m Lottery Story: A US lady spent 5 several weeks having difficulties to pay family expenses without understanding she had won $23m on the lottery.

Jules Cervera fought to find money to pay a $600(€465.44) electric invoice, feed her members of the family and keep the wire organization from closing off her service because she could not pay. Meanwhile, her $23m (€17.8m) lottery solution languished overlooked in the handwear cover pocket of her car.

On Thursday, someone texted her an image of her girl, Charliena Marquez, purchasing the winning ticket for her at a Palmdale store. The image had been launched by lottery authorities looking for the strange champion of the May draw.

“I thought she scammed out a bank because I couldn’t see the words on top,” she told with a have a good laugh. “So I put on a third pair (of glasses) and it told she won. I was like: No way!”

“I put my 99-cent cups on, and I had to put two pairs on to see it,” told 69year old Mrs Cervera. She acknowledged her girl in the grainy image, but she still could not read the caption.

“.”Jules Cervera had only 180 days to claim her prize. If she hadn’t acted, the $23m would have gone to educational institutions.”.”


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