The Voice Season3 Cee Lo Purportedly Drugged A lady And Had Sex With Her


The Voice season3 Cee Lo purportedly drugged a lady and had sex with her.According to a new statement from TMZ, present judge of NBC’s ‘The Voice’ Cee Lo’s sex-related power supply accuser is saying that Cee Lo secretly slipped her some Euphoria,and then had sex with her.

Toughest of all,it looks like Cee Lo may have accepted to it in a secret phone call with the lady.

They say, the lady informed the Police, Cee Lo took her to a town center L.A. hotel in July. They had a drink and she kept in mind nothing after that. The lady statements, the next factor she realized, she was relaxing undressed in a bed and Cee Lo was in the space. After that, she almost instantly went to her regional Police and revealed the incident. From there,the issue was known to the LAPD.

They then had the lady create a ‘pretext call’ with Cee Lo. The contact lures the other celebration into recognizing a criminal activity or other misdeed, and it was documented. Their resources declare, Cee Lo is on record, regularly saying sorry and referencing MDMA(Ecstasy),though he does not particularly say he put it in her drink. Sources went on to declare, Cee Lo informed her he believed the drug would help them have an interesting time together.

Cee Lo and his peeps are doubting all of this,and told Cee Lo would already be caught if that were real. Cee Lo’s camping also statements,the accuser went to a municipal attorney before going to Police ,and required cash from the Cee Lo to create the whole factor go away. Keep updated in. Adhere to us on Twitter by Simply clicking Here . Also Follow us on Facebook .


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