2-ton, 20-feet ‘strange’ horned Dinosaur found out


Paleontologists in North America have found out past of a new 2-ton, 20-foot-long horned Dinosaur that roamed the World about 80 thousand decades ago and its head protection might have put on quite a display for the women. (from foxnews)

The Dinosaur,, a far away relative of Triceratops known as Xenoceratops foremostensis,, is one of the earliest types known up to now of the ceratopsid team. The beast’s name, Xenoceratops, results in ‘strange horned-face,’ discussing its unusual routine of horns on its go and above its temple, and the scarcity of such horned Dinosaurs in this aspect of the fossil record.

It appears to be to have the common kinds of decoration that we see taken to even higher extreme conditions in later ceratopsids, said David Evans, a Paleontologist at the Royal Ontario Museum. ‘That indicates the intricate head protection progressed previously.’


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