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President Morsi Rushes to Vote on New Law


Egypt President Morsi Rushes to Vote on New Law ::
“Racing in opposition to a emerging court ruling and an escalating political problems, the President of Egypt’s constitutional assembly began voting Thursday on a permanent constitution for the country that independent analysts called hastily drafted and ill-defined. Islamists dominated the assembly, and just about all of the political opposition had left.” (from NY times)

The assembly’s chairperson, Assess Hossam el-Gheriani, began the period with a vote to substitute 11 of two dozen associates who had boycotted the period in demonstration over the Islamist-dominated chamber’s force to cover up the controversy. One delegate pleaded for more time to try to arrive at a higher agreement.

We should not rush the set up of the constitution mainly because we are reluctant of this or that or for the reason that there happens to be ‘million man’ march today or the next day, said the delegate, Mohamed Mohyi el-Deen, discussing concerns of the judge decision and road demonstrations predicted to arrive at a new high on Friday.

Some high-end governmental categories want to fall the set up to humiliate its Islamist management, he recognized, while the Islamists are desperate to finish the papers “to save the chief executive,” Mohamed Morsi, an best friend who would experience politically if the assembly was demolished.



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